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Computing economic harm is the task our clients call on us to perform most frequently, and we take pride in our ability to clearly and persuasively convey the theory and method used to calculate damages. Our experts and professionals have provided consulting, expert opinions, and testimony on damages in numerous jurisdictions and in arbitration proceedings. Coherent Economics also routinely supports clients in mediation and settlement negotiations, and assists in evaluating potential agreements

We rely on sound application of economic theory, including econometric techniques when applicable, and detailed empirical analyses to analyze damages in a variety of contexts. Our experts, affiliates, and team have been engaged to provide damages analyses including:

  • Industry-wide price fixing claims leading to hundreds of millions or billions of dollars in losses as a result of alleged conspiracy;
  • Economic harm to a competitor as a result of alleged anti-competitive exclusionary conduct by a firm with market power;
  • Patent and trademark infringement damages in the form of reasonable royalties and lost profits;
  • Damages resulting from breach of contract claims;
  • Losses to investors arising from alleged securities fraud;
  • Losses to investors arising from accounting manipulation in violation of GAAP;
  • False claims act disputes in which economic losses are estimated;
  • Damages arising from wage and hour disputes;
  • Damages to individuals claiming wrongful termination or workplace discrimination

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