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Corporate Finance & Valuation

Coherent Economics routinely consults on a variety of corporate finance and valuation matters. Our team and experts have extensive experience in matters before the Delaware Court of Chancery, federal and state courts and bankruptcy courts. We apply a rigorous, evidence-based approach to our work, grounded in established economic theory, and we also bring to bear knowledge in related disciplines such as accounting and corporate governance. Our experience includes:

  • Evaluating whether the economic evidence supports the purchase price paid to a target in a corporate change-of-control transaction;
  • Providing expert testimony at trial concerning the fair value of assets prior to their entering Chapter 7 liquidation in a matter involving claims of fraudulent conveyance;
  • Performing valuation analyses for public and private companies;
  • Estimating the losses to creditors resulting from a company’s alleged fraudulent conveyance designed to move assets outside of the subsidiaries for which creditors are claimants;
  • Analyzing whether valuation analyses performed by other parties could withstand stress-testing using standard, widely used valuation techniques;
  • Building valuation models from the ground up to assess the expected value of future contingent liabilities involving multinational companies seeking a settlement with foreign governments.

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