Brian Segers

Brian Segers

Mr. Segers is an expert in the economics of intellectual property and antitrust matters. He has expertise in economic damages modeling, business valuation, econometrics, and statistics. He specializes in applying economic analysis to client cases involving complex allegations of patent damages, trade secret damages, class certification, monopolization, price fixing, and copyright issues. Brian also has experience in advising companies on business strategy based on econometric and statistical analysis of large data sets. He excels at drawing meaningful conclusions from large disparate data. He has extensive experience in a variety of industries including search and display advertising, pharmaceuticals, health insurance, electricity generation, telecommunications, food service, petrochemical, construction, and retail sales.

Brian has been retained as an expert witness in patent damages, trade secret damages, trademark, commercial damages, labor, and class certification matters, and he has testified in federal court and arbitration proceedings.

In addition to his client work, Brian has dedicated time to pro bono matters involving criminal justice reform. He has provided an expert report in a constitutional class action challenge to the public defender system in Louisiana. His report addressed the risk of constructive denial of counsel faced by Plaintiffs as well as the lack of economic rationale for the current state-wide public defense funding system.

Brian received his BS and MS in economics from Texas A&M University.

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