Antitrust Case Dismissed Against Coherent Clients Volvo & Mack

These cases were brought against Volvo Trucks North America and Mack Trucks Inc., as well as several co-defendants, by two purported classes of direct and indirect purchasers of heavy-duty trucks.  Plaintiffs alleged that Volvo and Mack conspired with other heavy-duty truck manufacturers and Eaton Corporation to stifle competition in the market for heavy-duty truck transmissions and inflate the price of Eaton transmissions.

Volvo and Mack retained Coherent Economics President Dr. Alan Frankel to respond to reports submitted by plaintiffs’ experts, and to provide an independent analysis of Volvo and Mack’s conduct. Judge Sue Robinson dismissed the case brought by the direct purchaser class on August 31, 2015, and dismissed the indirect purchasers’ case on October 21, 2015.

Dr. Frankel was assisted by a team at Coherent Economics including Dr. Roy Epstein, Laurel Van Allen, Zach Frankel, and Franklin Liu, who worked closely with Pepper Hamilton LLP, counsel for Volvo and Mack.  The cases are Wallach et al v. Eaton Corporation et al (1:10-cv-00260-SLR) and In Re: Class 8 Transmission Indirect Purchaser Antitrust Litigation (1:11-cv-00009-SLR).

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